Look At How Popular The Boy Band BTS Has Become

Kpop is huge all over the world right now, and there is no bigger band than BTS. You are familiar with the Billboard 200, right? The band’s third album started out at #1 on this chart, and that has never been done by an Asian artist or band. That is quite impressive, historical in fact, and it has solidified BTS as the leader in Kpop culture.

If Kpop continues to be popular all over the world for years to come, it is possible for another band or music artist to break records set by BTS. Yet for now, BTS is setting records that make other Kpop bands pale in comparison to their popularity. The band’s first and second albums did well enough, but you can see the third album was definitely a game changer. That album was just released this year, too, in 2018.

Now every time BTS makes an appearance, it is quite obvious to tell that they are the most popular music artists in the world at this time. It makes you wonder how the world is going to react to their next album. It might be a couple of years before we see another album, but you never know. You also have to think about the fact that boy bands also have a timeline.

They often outgrow their music and culture in ways, and their biggest fan base, teen girls, mature and get older. The new generations often identify a different type of music that they feel is their cup of tea, and then the members of boy bands pursue solo careers. The successful ones continue to reinvent themselves, as do any music artists out there in the world if you really get down to it.

You don’t stay a popular music artist for decades without continuing to reinvent yourself in certain ways as the music industry changes. By reinvent yourself, I don’t mean selling out. How long will BTS stay at the top? Right now, they aren’t just at the top of Kpop but the entire music world.

Have you heard of the Music Global Top 100 off of YouTube? That is another #1 ranking for BTS. The group to date has won a total of 89 awards. Yet can you believe they have yet to win a Grammy? While the group has only been around since 2013 and has only recently reached #1 on the Billboard charts, it’s kind of odd to realize that they haven’t won a Grammy, given their popularity.

The group has surged so quickly in popularity and in such a big way, however, that the awards have yet to catch up with them completely. They did win a BBMA or a Billboard Music Award, and who knows, the Grammy could be right around the corner. It is going to be interesting to see how long they can maintain this type of momentum. Will another Kpop boy band take the driver’s seat, or will BTS continue to top the charts for the next few years?

Why Have Kpop Bands Exploded In Popularity In The US And Throughout The World?

Everyone knows someone that is into Kpop. I have to be honest, I kind of like it, too. I’m not up on which bands are big, save for BTS. I saw them perform at the Grammys, on television, and I like some of their music. It is quite catchy, and their dance moves are pretty cool. They are a little different than the boy bands in the US from the past like NSYNC. Why are the Kpop bands so popular?

Their style fits what the younger generations are looking for in terms of fashion, music, dance moves, you name it. I mentioned NSYNC. I was in high school when NSYNC was popular. That was when boy bands were still functioning in America. After that, what you mainly saw were individual artists, hence Justin Bieber. Bieber is now out of that group of artists and continuing his solo career like Justin Timberlake from NSYNC.

There was one other boy band that caught on in the past decade in the US, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the group. Kpop is more than one band of course, and the genre of music is catching on like wildfire. Some of the bands have been producing music for quite some time. Yet what has caused the Kpop bands to be so popular in the US?

As mentioned, they represent just about everything younger generations are looking for in boy bands. They are catching on culturally across the globe and not just in their home countries. You know how fads and trends spread, so you might be thinking this was a follow the leader type deal. Well, that does have everything to do with fashion, but you have to remember that Kpop has continued to evolve, too, in order to meet the demands of what its listeners think is cool.

What Kpop bands do you listen to right now? I would like to explore more of the music put out by some of these bands. You might think that only teenagers are listening to Kpop, but that’s just not the truth. They are the ones going gaga over Kpop, hence the screaming girls thinking that life is all about Kpop artists. Yet everyone can enjoy this genre of music. It is quite interesting indeed.

It is amazing how much Kpop has taken hold of the music world. No other bands out there are as popular as many of the Kpop bands. For sure, the trend will lose some steam. The young girls listening to Kpop will grow up and have their memories. Kpop will not go away, but it will be left to everyone collectively who took the time to listen, including the younger generations who grew up with this genre of music. Some fans even go to a Kpop Merchandise store to help support their favorite band,

Are you growing up with this genre of music? Perhaps you appreciate this music as an adult like me. There are different types of Kpop out there, too, and so there is a world of music to explore. I mentioned BTS, and Big Bang is another one of the popular bands.